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Gradeton has a proven track record and verified experience in the residential development and building industry in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Our sustainable, residential projects are highly recognized and reputable all around Australia.


We proffer a wide range of services, especially the premier personalized design with our seasoned and passionate architect team for our customers. Our state-of-the-art, Eco-Smart building system enables our customers to envision their dream home effortlessly!


We have solid long-term ambitions of continuous improvement in our home building techniques. This will further ensure that our well-equipped and cutting-edge knowledge can assist our customers in various ways whilst providing them with high-quality property outcomes, suitable for the modern lifestyle, including home, health, leisure and entertainment.


We offer our customers flexibility and adaptability for all property scenarios through one-stop solutions. Our innovative and reliable procedures and systems are designed to deliver optimum results, in a cost-effective and timely manner.


Furthermore, we provide opportunities, add value and manage real estate at all stages of the property development process, to optimize stakeholder returns.


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What We Provide

High-End Planned Eco Residential Community

One-Stop Integrated Dream Home Solution

Premier Bespoke Residential Design

Seasonal Property Development Advisory

Exclusive Sustainable Home System 

Light Building Structure System Suits Various Range Of Architecture

7 Star Sufficient Energy-Consuming Smart Home

Flexible Financial Support


Bespoke Dwelling House

Duplex and Terrace

Knockdown and Rebuild

Renovation and Extension



Granny Flat

Modern House
Exterior of Modern Suburban House
White Two-story Home
Modern House

Feature Techniques

7 Star Australian Energy Rating

Versatile Steel Framing System

Integrated Smart Home Solution

Breathing Wall Technique

Intelligent BIM Design

Gradeton ECO-Home System

Gradeton Eco-Building System Highlights

High Quality of Construction

Shop fabrication and prefabrication results in high-quality products with high tolerance.

Design Flexibility

Steel framing allows long-span trusses that offer freedom to design large, open spaces and easy relocation of non-load-bearing walls.

Speeding Construction 

Lighter structural assemblies facilitate speeding up construction. Veneer and cladding construction takes bricklaying off the building work process.


Corrosion protection and zero damage from termites or borers.


Steel framing can be reused or recycled.

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